You would have to be getting on in years to remember that one. It came out back in the seventies and in its day it was pretty scintillating stuff. A who’s who of Hollywood were all trying to make their way out of a blazing burning building. Was it the tallest building in the city? Go and check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. Of course, you can download or stream it easily enough. It is well worth a look just to show how serious the issue of rescue operations is.

High drama and high octane stuff indeed. Tower rescue training is necessary today, folks. Treat this as a priority and take full responsibility of the lives of people under your wing. This is good for business too because not only are you safeguarding the lives of your staff, you are also taking care of your customers. It does not matter how small your business premises are or the structure the building from which you are renting space.

The onus is on you to take rescue matters into your own hands. You may have a very good rapid emergency response team in town but any delays, traffic mainly, cannot be discounted. While you are waiting for the rescue professionals to arrive, you could be saving as many lives as possible. There is simply no excuse to say that you just do not have time to schedule rescue training for you and your staff. You know what they say in business; if you do not have the time then make the time.

And in any case, today you can simply download the training exercises needed or schedule your staff for an online training workshop. Do it. It will save your business in the long run.